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Une institution renommée

L' académie iNTERNATIONALE DES ARTS du léman, un savoir-faire et une pédagogie pour Éveiller l'artiste qui est en vous

Ayant toujours eu un profond désir de partager sa vision de l’éducation artistique transdisciplinaire, Benjamin Hatt a créé, en 2012, l’Académie Internationale Des Arts du Léman, AIDA-LÉMAN.

Le développement des domaines enseignés a conduit à une progression constante du nombre d’élèves.

L'AIDA-LÉMAN offre une excellente formation artistique transdisciplinaire basée sur une pédagogie individualisée, dynamique et innovante.
Elle s'adresse à un large public, aux enfants dès 18 mois, aux adolescents ainsi qu'aux adultes et s'adapte au rythme de progression de chaque élève.Les liaisons et échanges transdisciplinaires entre les diverses disciplines artistiques apparaissent grâce à une méthodologie de formation par immersion.Le choix du cursus est primordial pour le vécu et le ressenti de l’élève.AIDA-LÉMAN became an association at the start of the academic year in September 2020, with the aim of being able to claim, in the long term, cantonal recognition and support from communal and cantonal public authorities.


‘Education means more than just teaching

Our artist-educators are invited to create moments of life in which all their faculties and those of their partners are called on, expressed and shared so that they can finally be harmonised.

The main role of artistic education is to help students discover the principles of life linking artistic expression and the human being.

In this way, listening and respect can become a way of perceiving one’s being.

AIDA-LÉMAN was created based on the following three aspects:


The creative and universal principles of art form the basis of a partnership with teachers convinced of the value of dialogue and its development in the concept of interdisciplinary teaching.

Vision of integration

The Academy fully supports its artist-teachers in their personal artistic lives.

The training and continuous development of the artistic personality is vital for our teachers and lecturers.

Pédagogie et valeurs artistiques

La pratique de l’art est indispensable à la construction solide et harmonieuse de l’individu, par conséquent de la société toute entière.

Les professeurs diplômés assurent à chacun le meilleur des encadrements, dans des locaux adaptés et agréables, propices à la rencontre, au partage et à la créativité.



Art, in all its forms, has been one of the essential sources of life, expression and communication since prehistoric times.
Liberating and fulfilling, performance art requires the manifestation of the whole being.It is rooted in the depths of human experience and flourishes in the transfer and practice of knowledge in five subjects in particular: music, dance, poetry, drama and visual arts.To become an artist is to develop the receptive faculties that allow one to resonate with art’s vibrations and with the message of which these vibrations are merely the medium.Body and mind are inseparable, in art and in life.
The body can thus become a wonderful instrument for expressing beauty.Combined with gesture and speech, it becomes capable of communicating the strongest emotions and of conveying the most profound, vivid and sincere feelings.Sharing this creative passion, experiencing human relationships to allow the exchange of ideas and visions to evolve together, but also transcribing and transmitting art as a whole in the most vibrant way possible to children, teenagers and adults — these are the deeply held convictions and wishes that AIDA-LÉMAN seeks to realise through interdisciplinary teaching.Our establishment’s vocation is to initiate students starting at the youngest age, based on the universality of the original artistic language, and to put into practice the rules of educational teaching based on the knowledge, techniques and experience of our teachers with enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity.Benjamin Hatt
Academic Director - AIDA-LÉMAN